Our Practice

Our practice is focussed on providing individualised patient-centred care for those suffering with disorders of the hip and knee. We provide patients with a range of care, from initial non-operative measures, to advanced reconstructive techniques through to joint replacement surgery if and when this is appropriate. We strive to optimise patient care by combining current and emerging evidence-based practices that have been shown to improve outcomes with high quality technical expertise.

Our approach is to use clear communication with patients and their families throughout every stage from initial diagnosis through to post-operative management. We take the time to understand each patient’s background and how their condition is affecting them, so that together we can come up with the optimum management plan.

We are supported by friendly, knowledgeable and efficient practice staff, a motivated, experienced group of allied-health professionals who will assist in the non-operative, pre-operative and post-operative management of many conditions, and a select group of highly-trained anaesthetists, all of whom work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for you throughout your treatment and recovery process.